Hybrid - Overnight or Event or Both?

Union Square is proud to be a part of AirBnB and we ask that all overnight guests conduct their rentals through our listing.    Here is the Union Square Alexandria listing:


If you are interested in both having an event and overnight accommodations, please note that there is an additional  special cleaning fee of $200 or more that is required for all events.  (We can adjust any instant bookings or send a special offer - for all bookings via AirBnB, please contact us via the AirBnB portal).

We ask that you provide us with information about your planned stay and we can give you a special offer through AirBnB that will cover the costs of both.  Having any event (e.g. a cocktail party, meeting, dinner, cultural event, baby shower, etc.) will be considered additional to the overnight use and the event cleaning fee ($200 or more) will be charged.  Guests hosting larger events with significant catering or outside vendors, will be required to sign an event contract that identifies the specific event policies and regulations. (Information about event rentals can be found under rental rates and information).  Additional costs for events, depending upon the size, duration and consumption of food or alcohol, may be incurred.

If you have any questions about the AirBnB policies or rates, please contact us via the AirBnB portal.